Saturday, January 19, 2013

Angry Birds For Pc

Finally came out PC version of the very popular arcade game - Angry Birds . And today you can download Angry Birds for Pc version and meet their favorite characters - funny, and very angered birds.  The game is quite sensational and very popular. At Angry birds cute birds with still good faces, enemies are kidnapped and locked up in the cells, taken away on a ship to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, where they are first to be released from the prison, and then fight enemies to save his friends. And here they have become evil, but not without Sway charisma birds. And this is where the adventure begins! Install Angry Birds Pc version and help them in this difficult battle that you yourself carry away a few hours. Especially, it is possible to Angry Birds free .
The PC  platform provides excellent animation with wonderful and clear portrayal of the characters. waiting for you on a plan of fantastic scenes with a lot of just challenging levels. Along with the characters you have to pursue smugglers, discovering new places along the way. To find the hidden fruit, for they rely special rewards - bonuses. After passing a number of levels, you will be available mighty eagle! Despite its simplicity, this toy has its own tactics and strategy. For example, each bird has it's individual abilities, and therefore more quickly complete a level you should choose, what would be the main bird here. In the game there are different types of birds: is the most common, but there are birds with acceleration, bird-bombs, birds, which are divided into three, and so on. And as the vicious and horrifying enemies speak now not only pigs, but a lot of the wicked and wild monkeys, which, as we saw in the cinema, in Brazil a lot. Monkeys have built a large and very clever defense, which struck the first time may not be possible, but it is possible. Added a new episode of Beach Volley (Beach Volleyball), where the birds have to overcome a lot of monkey fortifications on the sandy beaches of Rio, where there are umbrellas and balloons, swimming laps and so on. But at the last level you have to contend with the principal and strong enemy - parrot-boss. Destroy it is not easy, but for our furious birds is possible. So, if you're on the road, in a queue, waiting for the order in a restaurant or in a boring lecture, you will help pass the time this wonderful and exciting game Angry Birds PC version download you can now. With the installation no problem, since the game is designed specifically for the Pc platform. Download it, play games and watch a favorite of new versions of the game!

Note:If you are not redirect to downloading page then try to use USA IP 


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