Friday, October 21, 2011

Warspear Online v2.05(1) S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 Signed - Play Online - by Aigrind -

Its an online base cross-platform mobile game (MMORPG) for mobile phones.

Going into the game, you will plunge into a unique game world with its own history, full of adventure and gaming capabilities. Here you can communication with different players from around the world, pleasant meetings, new and reliable friends who checked in battle.

Its high resolution graphics is excelent which optimized for abilities of various smartphones, allows enjoying the gameplay without screen twitching. Upon creation of a character, you can select not just gender, faction and class, but haircut and haircolor as well; during further gameplay the character will obtain various items and weapons which change the looks as well. Intense gameplay with real-time fighting (unlike turn-based battle system) won’t let you get bored and make you immerse yourself in the world of Warspear Online, full of surprises and dangers. All these is possible due to development of moder technologies which haven’t been used before in development of mobile games for smartphones.

From these game you can earn points, become hero,earn respect and find new friends. This world will be always at hand – for all you need for that is a phone and Internet access. Use wifi for better performence.


game designed in classic fantasy genre;
colorful graphics and original game world;
unlikeness of characters and possibility to tune them to your whim, changing their looks depending on equipment they are wearing;
intensive gameplay, based on addictive real-time battles;
trading with other players;
communication in multichannel game chat;
ability to form groups to complete game quests together;
access to game world from virtually any location, mobility.

System requirements:
platform: Symbian S60 3rd/5th/S^3
free space: about 10Mb
free RAM: not less than 15Mb

What's New:
· Arinar celebrates the World Creation holiday! In cities you will wind a new and interesting quests and rewards.
· Amplification of items. With the help of Enhancement Sphere you can increase the first bonus of items. This process is very entertaining - with each level, along with the characteristics the chance of successful amplification is reduced. But do not worry: the item always possible to insure against failure to improve! After amplification weapon glows a mysterious light. Required Enhancement Spheres can be found at any place in the game world as well as you can purchase them in the Miracle Shop.
· Daily gifts for logging into the game. Desiring to facilitate the misery of war, your Mentor sends a gift each day - a little surprise chest, which includes a useful random item from the game world. It will help you to survive with honor first tests on the road to victory! To give this gift we are using the Mailbox - a new feature in the game, which we will develop in the near future.
· The new system of runes and crystals. We have simplified the system of runes and crystals, so that now they are not limited on the level, and their characteristics are set automatically by the level of a item in which they inserted. Old runes and crystals will be removed from the Miracle Shop. Also, these changes affect some consumables (potions etc).

Class changes:
· Rogue: Stealth skill duration reduced and increased its recharge time.
· Barbarian: Chop skill damage reduced, but also reduced its energy consumption and recharge.
· Bladedancer: Flash Strike skill damage increased.
· Shaman and Druid: healing skills performance increased.

Fixes and changes:
· Friends names in the chat is now displayed in green text.
· Teleportation usability improved.
· Traders in the cities can now be found in one place.
· Creatures on starting locations became non-aggressive.
· All creatures in the game got increased health.
· Fixed bug with random occasional selection of higher-level opponents in the Arena.
· By pressing the skill and potions on the Panel at the same time no longer crashes game client.
· In stores of factional islands appeared cheap weapons that beginners might accidentally break or sell.
· Fixed a bug with the complete disappearance of a character when entering stealth.
· Fixed bug of teleportation with incomplete health.
· If you cancel a quest or if the quest is not available on the server, item referring to the quest is no longer remains in the bag.
· Fixed auto completion of several quest types after server restart.
· Fixed bug with displaying high Arena rating.

                                                                                                                                                                       TAGS : Nokia x6, X7, C6, C7, N8, E7, C3, 5800, ETC



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