Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Acer Iconia Tab A100

Thses accer tab looks thinner than average, thanks to its nearly flat surfaces and the fact that it's a shade slimmer than the 0.52-inch -thick HTC Flyer. But then you pick up a PlayBook, just four tenths of an inch thick, and the A100 suddenly feels like more of a burden.

But because of its more e-reader-like shape, it feels deceptively lighter than the Flyer. At 4.6 inches tall, it's narrower in portrait mode, making it that much easier to cradle with two hands and pound out emails using both thumbs. But with a width of 7.68 inches, it stretches farther in landscape mode, which means, conversely, that depending on the size of your hands, you might feel a bit more of a stretch in your fingers while tapping onscreen objects. Also, the bezel is bigger on the two short sides, which means if you're holding the A100 in landscape mode, you'll have more blank space flanking the display than if you held it in portrait.


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